>After a fabulous late lunch at Tofu-Ya, window shopping led to real shopping at Black Market next door. Walking in, it looked like a clothing shop, but actually there are two parts to the store and the left side was full of fun goodies (think a hipper version of Aahs) including blinged out USB keychains and coin purses stamped with the words “My 2 Cents”. There are erotic comic artbooks, scented gift packages of travel candles and perfume, and gag gifts like a big shiny ring in a black velvet lined box that is actually the handle of a coffee mug. Whether you are a Hello Kitty fan or a lover of all things foreign and unusual, you are sure to find some unique gift here.

The clothing section of the store carries hip trendy clothes and shoes at high end prices; even the t-shirts run around $80. They carry quite a wide range of designers from name brands like Vivienne Westwood to yet to be known names in both jewelry and clothing. There is a sales rack with items 50% off, but even with the discount, expect prices to be in the triple digit range for a dress.

For something less pricey but nice, they have soy candles and perfumes for about $20 and some sunglasses for about $40. With a nice selection of shoes and clothes for men, this is definitely worth stopping by to window shop. If you have the cash, you might find something cool to buy; this is the perfect place to blow your bonus money on a new outfit.