Main Street in Santa Monica has a plethora of both trendy chic and old fashioned mainstays, one of which is the store A La Mode which is selling everything in the store at 50% off. Like many businesses on this popular street, the economy has slowed business to a crawl and the owner says it is time for her to move on to the next phase of her life.

The store carries beautiful jewelry made with semi precious stones and various gifts, decorations and even some stuffed animals in the back for children. I could not resist the Austrian crystal necklace and earring set, so I bought it for only $52; I’ve seen quality sets like this sell upwards of $200, so it was priced well at the regular price, but it is a spectacular buy at 50% off. They carry all colors of gemstones from ruby red to carnelian and the intricate work on the jewelry belie real craftsmen, not factory made pieces.

This gem of a store will be missed, so go in and buy something to take home that you will remember and enjoy for years to come.