My favorite luggage is Briggs and Riley. I own four pieces and although that is probably enough for me to travel for at least 2 months, I still lust after new pieces; yes, their luggage is THAT sexy (almost as satisfying as shoes!). The only drawback to buying their complete line of lifetime warranted luggage is the price; even the small tote bag runs about $100 and the big pieces go for over $500 each. Sadly, there are really no substantial discounts to to found for this line, but in this economy with fewer people traveling, fewer people are buying luggage, and I got my first notice (ever) from them for a nice savings on their Baseline and @work collections.

Right now you can save $159 on a 26″ expandable upright; the regular price is $529 and it’s on sale for $370.30. If you need an even bigger bag the 28″ expandable upright is only $405.30 instead of $579, saving you $174. Granted the prices are still a bit high, but considering they offer a lifetime guarantee on their luggage even if your airline mangles it beyond repair, consider this a one time investment into luggage that you will never need to replace.

Their pieces are all super lightweight with compartments for everything and quality materials from the zippers to the fabric; this luggage will impress you with both the craftsmanship and ease of use.

They have always been my birthday present to myself, but with this discount maybe I’ll celebrate early this year.