Since we had gotten up late and it was raining on and off all day, Chantal and I decided to walk around Coconut Grove, figuring we could duck into a store or restaurant if it started pouring. The one restaurant I wanted to return to the most on this trip to Miami, was Jaguar, so we knew of at least one spot here where we could wait out the rain. I could not imagine a more perfect place to spend a lazy afternoon than their nice patio, rainy or not, with a good friend, a cold drink, and several spoons of their creative ceviche.

Last time I came here, we were so dazzled by the ceviche spoon sampler of six different options ($12) that we never noted our favorites. Jaguar offers eight kinds of ceviche, but only six are available “spoon” size so you can have a taste without committing to a full “Amazon” serving. My favorites were definitely the ceviche Vuelve a la Vida, made with swordfish, shrimp, calamari, tomato, lime, orange, onion, cilantro, Habernero chile & avocado, and the Ceviche Peruano, made with white fish, lime ,red onion, roccoto chile, and corn. Chantal liked the Ceviche Nuevo made with calamari the best, with aji amarillo, ginger, soy, lime and grapeseed oil. We ordered extra spoons of our favorites ($2 each) and tried to save some room for dinner by bypassing the rest of the menu.

Besides the ceviches, Jaguar carries a full menu of salads, grills (meat and fish), sandwiches, and house specialties like swordfish “o lo macho” with shrimp and calamari, aji amarillo sauce with saffron, brandy & Pernod, served on rice. On our last visit we had lunch here which segued into an afternoon, starting with their Crispy Blue Corn Chicken tacos and Chopped Celia Salad ($11 each) and ending with the spoon sampler.

No matter the weather or the time of day, Jaguar is always a perfect spot to stop for a spoonful of ceviche.