If you live in Southern California, you can see dolphins up close in their natural habitat instead of a habitat built for them by humans on a Dolphin Safari.

The boats leave from Dana Point everyday, all year around and they take between 22-26 people on each trip aboard a 35 foot sailing Catamaran. The way the boat is built allows you to see the dolphins swimming closely beside and even under the boat with viewing areas underneath the deck so that you see the dolphins swimming around you underwater! There is also an underwater camera and a flat screen if you prefer to stay above deck. You may of course bring your own camera or camcorder to record everything yourself, but since the owner and Captain has filmed an award winning documentary on dolphins, I would leave the camera work to the professional.

For anyone who has about 3 hours and $55, including children ($35 for kids 3-12) and people who may have physical disabilities, this is a trip where you can get close to Dolphins and whales in your own neighborhood. If for some reason the day you sail out you do not see any dolphins, you can go on another trip for 50% off and if you still see no dolphins, then your third trip is free; but 85% of the time you will see dolphins and even some whales on your first trip.

Instead of driving along Pacific Coast Highway for a view of the ocean, why not take a trip on the ocean for a view of some dolphins and whales?