My friend Pel bought a great HD video recorder called the Flip. Pel, being a great shopper, bought hers at Costco for about $150, but if you aren’t a Costco member, you can get it through Amazon for about $200, and if you want yours customized, order the Mino HD model directly from Flip for $229. It’s about the size of a cell phone but can record video in either regular or HD for about 2 minutes. To see what kind of quality it can play, just watch this You Tube video of a boy named David on his ride home from the dentist.

Having used it myself today, I love the small size (it fits in my wallet!), the clear picture, and the ease of operation. The pop up USB connector at the top automatically downloads your videos to your computer and is also the charger, so this handy little recorder can be your pocket video player. It is not a fully featured camcorder, so you will have a very small screen and no real way to frame a self recording (the lens is only one way with no way to see what you are self-recording), but it is small enough and handy enough to record all you could want on the fly.

Small and efficient, the Mino HD from Flip is a great little gadget for all those little moments that would go by unrecorded if you had to find and set up your camcorder; since I don’t own a camcorder, I may have Pel buy me one just to have something easy and portable to record my meals for this blog!