In these days of less is more, we all appreciate a good lunch at a great price. The Palm is one of those classic power lunch places where the price used to be no object because it was so famous and fabulous that no one minded paying whatever they were charging. The first time I ate here, the person who invited me paid the check, all the while telling me that our dinner cost as much as I made in a week (this was in the 1980’s and I made about $350 a week). But times are changing and even business lunch expenses are going to be looked at (although not as closely as jet travel) by the accounting department.

How do you keep your clients and your accountants happy? Go for a Business lunch at the Palm, where they are offering a 3 course meal for $17-$22. They don’t skimp on the choices either; you can choose a starter of mixed green salad, Caesar salad or soup of the day, an entree of twin tenderloin filets, blackened steak salad, chicken Parmigiana, fresh fish of the day, or a Palm burger, served with Palm’s signature cottage fries and fried onions, you even get a dessert choice of a New York-style cheesecake or Key lime pie.

Of course you can still go for broke and go for their classic lobster, but they are even offering a special value price on those, charging only $12 per pound for every pound over 4 on their hard shelled lobsters.

Value is about getting all you want without having to pay with everything you have.