Hopefully you don’t need a plastic surgeon and never will, but it is always good to know one you would use just in case. One of my girlfriends had a breast augmentation done about ten years ago, and last week one of the sacs burst. Fortunately it was filled with saline. Unfortunately, the doctor “retired” three years ago. After going to see a myriad of referred surgeons, and paying hundreds of dollars in consultation fees, she finally found Dr. Aboolian. She said the thing that stood out about him was that he was more concerned about what was best for her than what was easiest or more profitable for him.

In the process she also learned that her former “plastic surgeon” was actually an Ear Nose & Throat doctor and NOT licensed to perform plastic surgery at all! His “retirement” was enforced by the Medical Board which took away his license. Her experience emphasizes the point of doing research on your medical providers (through the appropriate medical board, not their own advertisements). My friend learned that some doctors sell specific products because they have a quota, so regardless of the appropriate type of product best suited for the patient, they push their patients to buy whatever will fulfill their quota. One very easy way to determine qualification is simply to ask what hospital they are affiliated with for the procedure (her previous “plastic surgeon” was not affiliated with any hospital and performed it in his office); if they hesitate or don’t give one, please do other consumers a favor and report them to the authorities. After her 3 hour pre op yesterday she said, “I never had all these tests done before my last operation!” and because of the emergency nature of her condition, Dr. Aboolian is working on her today (Good Friday) to ensure her health.

Hopefully you will also never need to file bankruptcy, but in these economic times, there are some people must file bankruptcy. As if being in that position isn’t stressful enough, the plethora of scam artists and sleazy lawyers waiting to prey on them makes the whole process even more stressful. Fortunately, there is at least one really great bankruptcy lawyer in Los Angeles, who is actually recommended by the bankruptcy courts, named Leon Bayer. He has saved two of my friends from very expensive mistakes in their bankruptcy filings by giving them FREE advice over the phone. Yes, a lawyer who will give you a free quote over the phone as well as free advice on the best way to proceed. That in and of itself is a sign of the quality and compassion of this man’s legal practice.

A surgeon who works on a holiday and a lawyer who gives out free advice over the phone are very good people to know on this Good Friday.