The restaurant French 75 Fashion Island in Newport Beach now has a new General Manger from Cannes, France, and they are running a $10 dinner special; you have a choice of a half pound of King Crab legs, a choice Filet Mignon, or Alaskan Halibut. It makes sense to go out to eat and stimulate the economy, especially when the cost of your meal is about the same as for the raw ingredients!

If you have some time and would rather go to France than eat at a restaurant managed by a French person, then go to Air France and book one of their sale fares this Spring for $594. If you can’t getaway in the next few months, their prices on tickets to Paris in the late Fall and early Winter are even lower; I checked on flights originating in Paris for my French friends to come here and rates were about $564 round trip per person including all fees.

At these prices you can afford to eat out and get out of town!