My friends got stuck in the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport for 5 hours today after missing a connecting flight. After taking the shuttle around the airport (which took 45 minutes), they discovered the Xpress Spa and spent some time enjoying a manicure, pedicure, and a massage while they waited for their next flight. Delays during air travel are never convenient, but getting pampered while you wait can make it more pleasurable and both my friends were in a much better mood after their spa stopover.

Xpress Spa is to spa services, what Starbucks is to coffee houses; they are in 27 airport locations around the world from Amsterdam to San Francisco, with ten locations in JFK and La Guardia (NYC) alone. Six more are scheduled to open this year, mostly on the East coast.

Prices are very reasonable with time allotments ranging from a 10 minute foot massage for $25, to a 60 minute full body massage for $120. You can get facials, waxing services, gel and silk nails,and specialties like a 100% collagen hydrating mask, or an organic Ginseng and Spirulina mask.

If you travel frequently, sign up for their Membership program to earn points and get special offers, including a $25 birthday gift certificate. Even if you don’t travel frequently, you can use your gift to purchase a candle, soap or eyemask from their online store.

You may actually want your next flight to be delayed, at least long enough to refresh your body at the nearest Xpress Spa.