El Vino lacks only one thing for a neighborhood wine shop and tasting room-stools. But for the one thing they lack, they make up for it with a friendly staff (who actually know about wine and are not snobby about their knowledge), and a selection of some small wineries that is carefully chosen. This may not be the biggest wine shop, but it is a nice gem in this neighborhood.

When I was in Portugal, I loved the Vinho Verde, but could not find it here (I found a bottle once but it was terrible); they actually stock it here at El Vino! That immediately warmed me up to the place along with the soothing blond wood decor and the easy going vibe. They offer tasting flights on Fridays and Saturadays of three wines for $12 so you can taste before buying your red or white (or they will combine both in a flight). If you need something for tonight’s dinner with friends, come in and tell them what you are having and they will recommend something within your budget and tastes, and after all, isn’t personalized serive the true test of a good wine shop?