Do you have a screen play that you have written or want to write? Want to do it easily without having to pay several hundred dollars for the software to format it? Sign up for a free account at Scripped. Yes, it is FREE and many colleges and universities actually refer their students to this site so they can turn in their scripts properly formatted and on time. For now it works only on Firefox or Explorer, but they are working on a Safari version.

All your writing is stored online and for a small fee ($15 for 6 months or $35 for 40 years) you can even register your work before you submit it to anyone; this applies to treatments and pitches as well as finished scripts. Scripped does not submit your script to anyone and they are not in the movie business, but they do offer a link to Movie Magellan which offers unlimited movie downloads (legally) for less than $30 a year (for another $15 you can burn the movie onto your own DVD).

Once you are done you can even ask the creative professionals on the site to give it a once over (for a fee of $135 per script) before you submit it. It’s always better to get feedback and present a polished product; the creative feedback price as half of what you would have paid for a screenwriting software program, so you are saving money even if you pay for the service.

And next year’s Oscar for best screenplay goes to….(insert your name here).