>If you use Google regularly, but have a CRT monitor, try Eco Smart Search which is the “green” Google, using a black backdrop to help your screen save some energy (it also appeals to those who prefer a dark background for aesthetic reasons).

If you want a new way to search for all relevant results on one page (pictures, web links, video) try leapfish. It’s a nice smooth way to hunt for several types of searches at once without having to switch tabs. The displayed items all refresh when you type in words so it is intuitive as well, filtering as you type in your search parameters.

If you are looking for a person, my favorite site (that is free) is 123people. The best test is to type in your own name and see the results. They claim their results are the most up to date, so test it to see if your latest blog post is listed (mine was!).

And finally for those who are so into the new web 2.0 that they have multiple facebook, myspace, blogger and aol accounts to cross reference, Flock is a great Mozilla (aka Firefox) based browser that helps you coordinate everything on one page. The easy installation will import all your favorites and once you are set up you can literally drag and drop photos or URLs to any of your friends in email, photobucket or onto your facebook update or blog pages. This is truly the browser for the multi tasker.