Most of us learn about money from our experiences, good or bad, and we take our lessons with us to the next test of what to do when we make or get more money. Without a strategy or an understanding of how to use our money to work for us we are left making poor choices that may well end with us in the poorhouse.

Education is the key to nearly every success in life, and that includes money. The more that you learn about money, the better your decisions. As with any other education, the earlier you start, the better, so why not take advantage of the free lessons available from Schwab Money Wise? They are appropriate for every child old enough to count, to teenagers getting their first job and saving for a car, and on to college students figuring out how to budget their expenses away from home for the first time. They even have a section for teachers to give them ideas of how to introduce lessons in money for their students. It’s a great resource for new investors who want to know what a mutual fund is, how to calculate the cost of a loan, a home, or a saving account with compounded interest. If you don’t know where to start your money education, this is a good place to start.

If you know something about money but want to learn more about business and are planning to apply to a business school, then check out Veritas Prep to help you prepare for the GMAT admissions test. Of all the test preparation services, Veritas offers 50% more class time than their competitors for the price ($1500 for 42 hours), and instructors who are so highly qualified that they only pick one of every eight candidates who apply to be instructors. They are working on developing both law school and medical school online admissions courses; and Veritas realizes that their services are expensive, so they give away 24 full scholarships and 25 half scholarships to those who can not afford the fees.

Education being a good value is a no brainer.