Rent A Green Box is one of those companies I wish I had started because it combines the best of useful frugality with green technology. My friend Pel just moved and spent over $300 in moving boxes alone (not to mention tape and packing peanuts); the problem was after she emptied the boxes, she could not recycle the cardboard in her trash and taking them to a landfill was literally trashing $300, with the added insult of having to haul it there.

Spencer Brown had the same problems finding a way to recycle his used moving boxes, and Rent A Green Box is his solution for using landfill products to build reusable moving boxes and packing materials. Imagine the stackable toy and office containers you see in office supply and organizer stores but green (of course, what other color would be appropriate?). Now imagine that these boxes are delivered to you in trucks that run on biofuel and vegetable oil and then they are picked up from your new location a week later! All this for about HALF the cost of buying cardboard boxes (which must be made by chopping down trees). Prices start at $169 for 30 boxes to $299 for 70 boxes of varying sizes, with additional boxes or weeks available for slightly more. I can’t imagine a nicer way to move. They even have packing supplies (no tape required for the boxes) to wrap your fragile items, stickers for your boxes, and palettes to help you stack, about the only thing they don’t provide is someone else to do all the packing and unpacking for you.

These boxes are only available for rent around Los Angeles and San Diego right now, but like all good things, it will grow with word of mouth, so start spreading the green word.