Laughter is one of the best antidotes to relieve everything from depression to the blahs, and even if you are already in a good mood, laughter can elevate that even higher, to euphoria! Medical studies have shown how laughter lowers stress and helps boost your immune system, so if only for medicinal reasons, enjoy a dose of laughter along with your vitamins.

If you haven’t already heard about Laughter Yoga, you can watch the video on You Tube with its’ founder Dr. Madan Kataria. Dr. Kataria has even taken his program to Indian prisons! If you have heard about it and want to try it, Hilary Kimblin (who has studied with Dr. Kataria) has a free monthly meeting in Beverly Hills that is so much fun you will want to do it every month.

Anyone can do it, you don’t need any special clothes or training and you will enjoy it more than almost any other exercise, simply because it is fun! If you enjoy Hilary’s Laughter Yoga, she also takes it on the road to companies, social events (parties), and schools, so take a 30 minute laughter break with her to share some laughter with other people.

There is something about being with a group of people that makes the laughter infectious and more intense. Human interactions have a way of multiplying the prevailing energy, so when that energy is fun and light, the upward spiraling effect is a delicious cocktail of bubbling laughter.