The space at Royal/T is fun just to wander around as an art gallery and shop, but what if it is a lazy afternoon and you want a nice nosh in Culver City? Royal/T cafe offers a food fusion of Japanese art/aesthetics with French and Californian styles, all served by waitresses in French Maid Costumes (I know my friend Pel wants to work here just to wear the costumes).

All this translates to a High Tea with a choice of loose tea, served with small pastries, mini quiche, kappa maki, California roll, egg salad and spicy tuna finger sandwiches ($19.50). If you want Japanese comfort food they have a chicken curry bowl ($9.50). Just want a salad, then get a spinach & beet salad with goat cheese and walnuts ($9.00). Meat lovers can order the flank steak with roasted tomato and Gruyere on baguette ($10.00).Wash it all down with one of their 15 kinds of tea, a fruit juice, or one of the organic espresso drinks.

Today may be Friday the 13th, but there is nothing unlucky about finding great fusion fun at Royal/T.