>Every once in awhile my beloved Mac laptop needs to go to my computer doctor, or my DSL line goes out, or I need to do something on a PC (yes, I am bi computer literate). When any of the above arises, I go to Giga Bite to fulfill my online needs. Their prices are about HALF of what Kinko‘s charges, and if you use their wireless or wired connection, the price goes to to about 25% of what the big chain charges, and they are open until midnight most nights (1 AM on weekends).

Their system is prepaid like a phone card, they give you a code for the time you buy which you use to log in. The codes have no expiration date, so the more time you buy the less expensive the rate. Even at the minimum of 15 minutes or 60 minutes with your own laptop, the price is only $3. I paid $8 for 120 minutes to use on their computers, which all have 17″ screens and T1 speeds. Their PCs have an entire suite of software you might want from Photoshop to Excel, and you can use their other services, like faxing and scanning, for only $1 a page.

There is a small counter of snacks and beverages if you find yourself staying awhile. They used to have a hookah, but I haven’t seen it for awhile, so maybe they are concentrating on people coming in to use the computers instead of being there to smoke and hang out. The desk stations are semi private with towers between each, so only people walking behind you can see your screen.

These days what was private is now public in an instant on YouTube, TMZ, or Homeland Security’s database, so use your discretion on what you want to work on or surf to in a public internet cafe; do you really want the world to know about your addiction to purses?