>After a financially tumultuous 2008, we are all looking forward to a smoother (and less nerve racking) 2009. But since most of us are not financial experts, and even some of our financial experts lost their nerve and money last year, where do we go for some solace and a solution?

Suze Orman is giving everyone an action plan for 2009, and best of all she is giving it away FREE until January 15, 2009. Simply go to Oprah’s website for a free download of her book, Suze Orman’s 2009 Action Plan. Her simple outline explains both how we got here and where to go from here.

I downloaded the book last week and read it before posting this, so I can honestly say that no matter how savvy you are, this book has something in it for everyone. For those who understand what happened and what to do next with their money, this is a small reminder to keep you on track on all fronts; for those who are lost, confused, and scared, this book is the calm voice of reason reminding us to focus on our goals, and gives specific action steps to help reach those goals.

Life is change, and knowing that you can affect the direction of your finances no matter what changes occur, is both powerful and comforting. Thanks Suze.