It is fun to get a planetary glimpse of what lies ahead as everyone looks forward to all that the New Year will bring. Susan Miller is a world renowned astrologer with a website called Astrology Zone which offers free monthly forecasts online for every sign. You can help support her Astrology Zone writing if you enjoy the free forecasts by subscribing to her daily forecasts (also available for your cell phone for a small fee by sending text AZP to 75777), or her podcast.

For the next two weeks (until January 15, 2009), you can get a free audible download of your horoscope onto your iPod, MP3, or computer. She also offers calendars, T shirts, and personalized charts, so even if you are not interested in astrology, you can offer a gift to someone who would like to receive Susan’s in depth masterful work.

May the New Year bring you all more happiness than you can imagine.