After several hours of loading and sending all my holiday pictures to my friends, I got frustrated; after all, why reload and resend the same pics to everyone when I could just post a photo gallery and have everyone simply link to see their pics?

Kodak has a free gallery feature which allows you to upload ONCE (yeah!) and send the link to everyone on your email list (the storage is free for a year as long as you make one purchase a year). It takes awhile to load, but since you only need to do it once, it saves time in the long run. There is even software that allows you to upload pictures from your camera phone into a gallery. All this is FREE and there is a handy Firefox toolbar installation that allows you to upload pictures directly from your browser.

If you want actual prints, you also get discounted prices (and a free offer for 75 prints when you sign up for the photo gallery). If you want your own printer, they have a new printer called the ESP3 which sells for only $129, prints, scans, and copies, and best of all the ink cartridges cost about HALF of what cartridges for other printers cost ($10 for black, $15 for color), so again, in the long run, you save money.

Holiday pictures the easy way; now if I can get get someone to do the photography too…