>Pssst! Wanna get a big fat check for shopping online at places you already shop?

Go to Ebates and sign up (you get $5 just for signing up for the service). I checked out the stores which are part of their network and although some of the rebates at their partners are nominal (like 6% cash back on Disney), rebates at places like Drugstore or Petco, are at a 10-12% rebate, and over time that can save you a nice sum. If you shop for necessities that you use daily, weekly, or monthly online, you might as well do it through a site that gives you money back for some of what you spend. The most impressive rebates were for products that I rarely see discounted, like A/X, Godiva, Sephora, and Dean & DeLuca, all at 8% cash back. They even have Murad products at 11% cash back, and they have additional coupons to save on specific products. They accumulate your savings until you reach $5.01, then send you a check within three months of your purchases.

There are exceptions to qualifying purchases, so read the rules before you buy, and don’t assume that you are getting credit on everything (he basic exceptions are if you order directly from the company without going through Ebates, or for certain name brands which are excluded from qualifications).

Consumer Reports rated this site as the best for rebates that actually pays, so shop and get paid for it!