>One of my friends sent me to Youniverse and I had so much fun on the site that I had to share it here. The site uses something they call visual DNA to define what type of personality you are based on your choice of pictures. Instead of a written response to a question, you pick a picture that represents what you most closely feels matches your response. There are some blank/gray pictures in the choices so that if none of the pictures are close, you may chose the blank choice. I found the results very accurate and the whole process was fun; who would not like picking their favorite activities, movies, and art from an array of interesting photos? The results also show how your choices compared percentage wise to others.

The site seems to be a completely free social networking type site with a different twist for getting people to “meet” with similar or compatible styles, tastes, and personalities. You can try it as a guest here to see what it’s like, then go to my group, so that you can see my results.

Try it, you may like it!