Sometimes the simplest inventions are the most effective; I’ve been using Dr. Riter’s Real Ease cervical support (priced under $30) for years. It suddenly dawned on me today that many people have never seen or heard of it, so I’ve posted a picture of mine.

It’s made for those of you who have sore or stiff shoulders and necks (most commonly caused by sitting in front of a computer too long, or driving too much). It’s really simple to use and it helps almost immediately. All you do is lie on the floor (knees up or on a pillow) with this support under your neck for 10-15 minutes. I find that a bed is too soft for this (unless you sleep on a wooden board), and although the instructions say you can use it in a sitting position, I don’t feel my neck relaxes fully unless I am lying down on it. Just make sure your neck is not on the white plastic part (it is meant to support your head) and don’t fall asleep on it (you might roll off it).

Of course the best remedy for a stiff neck or shoulders is to stop doing whatever causes the condition, but for those of us addicted to computers or driving, this provides some relief as we work towards moderation. Signing off now to go lie on my Real Ease.