I love the ease of having all my music on my iPod, but I still had my stereo system at home to play old fashioned CDs (who ever thought one day CDs would be old fashioned?). I finally made the move to let go completely of my stereo, but to do that I needed to find speakers that would fill my home with music without taking up an entire entertainment unit.

JBL On Stage caught my eye from the moment I saw it. It is so small and sleek, it can easily be packed for trips. The quality of the sound is the deal maker; it sounds better than the stereo system I had bought for hundreds of dollars. It has a teeny little remote control (2.5″ x 1″) that allows you to control both your iPod and the volume even from another room! All this for under $100 at most retailers (and for much less on eBay if you bid wisely; I got mine for $50 brand new in the box).

Sometimes moving into the new electronic age is not only easy, but enlightening; I got rid of 15 lbs of stereo and got better music, now the only question is how to apply that kind of enlightenment to every other aspect of life.