>I have been getting different types of bodywork and massage therapy since 1980, but I have found less than a handful of therapists I have liked enough to rebook. Because I am trained in the work, I am as picky about my massages as I am about my food; it’s as rare to find five star food and service as it is to find a therapist whose work is both healing and nurturing. There are some wonderful therapists (Jessie, Jemuel & Shelly) who work on me and whom I work on; one of the traits that all of us share is our quest to continually educate ourselves so we can improve what we offer to others. There is always room for improvement on our skills and refinement of our energy.

I had an introduction to Bowen Therapy yesterday and I am still basking in the glow of the work I received. It is a technique developed by the Australian Tom Bowen which has evolved today into NST (Neurostructural Integration Technique). The main principal is that the body knows how to heal itself, so the therapist facilitates the healing process with a series of soft tissue manipulations that range from 5-45 minutes. Equally effective on newborns, the elderly, and animals, this process is done with the recipient fully clothed and focuses on a series of deep rolling energetic touches that specifically target groups of muscles, tendons, and nerves in our connective tissue. Key energy points are addressed so that your body can integrate and balance any blocked energy flows while releasing any trauma or dysfunction. The pressure can be adjusted from very light (for newborns) to deep for people with large muscle mass, and with one to three treatments, many symptoms are resolved completely. My therapist was Gary Stuart 800-361-2692, but you can find one near you at NST.

The best thing I can say about NST is that after my session I felt as if I was floating and a day later (today) I still feel as if I am on a cloud of good energy. The one caveat is to schedule your session as late as possible because you will probably want to do nothing more than to sleep afterwards.