>I must begin by saying that I am allergic to cats. When someone who owns or lives with a cat comes near me, I sneeze and my eyes water. There are times when my allergies awaken to the mere presence of a coat or sweater of someone who has been in contact with a cat.

All that being said, I like cats (and dogs) and I would like them to be happy and comfortable even if they can not be in my home. Diane told me about a cat she rescued and helped (but could not keep) with an organization called Fix Nation. They will neuter a feral cat (for free) and provide you help in trapping (and releasing) a feral cat for neutering. Feral cats actually help keep the rodent population in check, so helping a feral cat can lead you to a happier life (and fix nation happily accepts donations).

Stray Cat Alliance is another cat care organization whose motto is to create a “no kill nation”; they provide a free neutering service and adoption help for stray cats. For every cat lover who can not adopt another cat but would like to help it find a good family, stray cat alliance is a great resource.

No need to become a cat lady or cat man; there are organizations which can help keep the cat population in check and provide good homes for them. Being feral isn’t a bad thing as long as it does not breed into overpopulation and disease.

Help a cat today and you could prevent a rodent infestation tomorrow.