>A Beach Therapy session is where you spend the day enjoying the beauty of the beach, reading, snoozing, listening to music (with earphones) or meditating. Pick a beach, any beach, then head out and leave all your chores and worries behind.

My favorite beach in Southern California is Hermosa Beach for its’ small town feel (and the fact that I used to live there). I like beaches with on site toilet facilities, shops to get food, drinks, sunscreen, and accessible parking (where I won’t get run over or ticketed trying to park). Another one I like is across from Chautauqua Blvd. in Pacific Palisades; parking there is harder to find, but the peaceful beach is worth the hunt.

Beach Therapy may be the most natural original therapy; my favorite therapist is on Motu Tapu where there are no facilities or inhabitants except the sand crabs and fish….