My friend Cindy came into town to have a birthday lunch with me at Spago’s in Beverly Hills. Yes, the Spago’s that is the original Beverly Hills hot restaurant (now on Canon Drive).

They are remodeling the exterior, there is construction on the street, and the valet parking is only available if the marked valet spots are unoccupied when you pull up, so getting into the restaurant is the most challenging part of dining here.

The interior bar and dining areas are beautiful; I especially like the outdoor patio with the fountain and umbrella shaded tables. Everything has clean artistic lines and the service is very attentive with an almost European attention to details (like serving portions on the plate from a copper pot).

Spago’s is famous for its’ food and even now decades after it first opened, the food is fabulous. We had the Artic Char with a ginger soy medley of Asian vegetables and the Lobster Cobb salad that was presented with picture perfect rows of each ingredient (even the boiled egg was seperated into stripes of whites and yolks). It’s rare to have food that can shine with stellar surprises to your palate after years of celebrity; Spago’s manges to do it and do it well.

We chose the peach cobbler for dessert from their summer menu. I’ve never had a better one; the peaches were perfectly warmed with a nice raspberry syrup and fresh raspberries, and the pastry was buttery, flakey and light at the same time. All this was served with a raspberry gelato and a sliver of meringue, and after we managed to finish it, they bought out an additional complimentary plate of luscious cookies, petits fours, and a truffle for my birthday.

Two desserts for lunch and I managed to somehow eat them both. Does that mean I get two wishes tomorrow?