It is hot here in Southern California in the summer, but nothing like the heat in the desert. I used to live in Palm Springs where it has reached 120 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. Those of us who live (or have lived) in hot places know the necessity of cooling off when it seems we step into Hell every time we step outdoors. In Palm Springs the shops and restaurants use misting systems to add some humidity and cooling without having to pay the staggering air conditioning bills. But what if you are not in town or in your car and you need some cooling relief without the aid of air conditioners or misters?

Chill Factor is a clothing company founded in Tempe, AZ which makes caps and neck coolers which you can wear anywhere. Their products contain hydro crystals will swell to over 400 times their original size, and transform into a cooling gel. It is simple to use, just soak the cap or neck cooler in cold or ice water for about half and hour and then wear it! The cap and neck coolers are washable by hand and completely reusable. With prices ranging from $5-$25 it makes sense to buy two so you can switch off if you are going to be outdoors for several hours. Golfers love this product, as does anyone outdoors for any length of time in the summer. Even people who are indoors all day appreciate the cooling factor if they heat up doing physically intensive labor all day; movers, trainers, and construction workers all love these items. They make kid sized clothing too, so the little ones can benefit.

Chill out this summer with chill factor clothing of you can’t get to your favorite pool or beach.