Mondo Gelato is one of those rare places which uses premium natural ingredients to make a daily fresh gelato. If you have ever tasted homemade ice cream, you know how much better it tastes than the containers that you buy at the supermarket. Handmade artisanal gelato also tastes far better than commercially made ice cream or gelato, mainly because there are no preservatives added to maintain shelf life. If you eat it the day it is made, like all things freshly made, the quality and flavor are far better than something made to last for months in a freezer. If you have never had gelato in Italy (or if you have and miss it), come here for a true taste of Italian creamy goodness. Believe it or not, gelato has less fat and less air than most ice cream, and if you are looking for some truly Italian flavors, Mondo Gelato has pistachio, tiramisu, and espresso.

They also carry frozen yogurt for those seeking a treat that is lower in fat and higher in nutrients, as well as sorbetto for the lightest non dairy option. Even though this is a small shop with only a few tables and seats, the flavors range from an exotic kiwi sorbetto, to faloudeh, which is an Iranian rice noodle and rose water treat traditionally served with lemon juice. Faloudeh has a fresh taste and unusual texture, a good choice for those who don’t want a creamy sweet. Of course they carry all the traditional favorites too, with frozen yogurt options like German chocolate cake, and strawberry banana.

After a movie across the street at the independent film theater the Landmark, stroll across the street and venture away from the vanilla packaged desserts you know to Mondo Gelato. Try it, you might like it better than the big chain ice cream shop next door.