There are so many Versailles restaurant locations in Los Angeles now that you can try Cuban food even if you live in the suburbs. They are famous for their crispy garlic chicken and roast pork, but this is also one of the few places to find oxtails and a decent paella in Los Angeles. Where else can you get cuban black beans as a side and a toothachingly sweet dessert of Cascos De Guayaba Con Queso Crema (guava shells with cream cheese)? The food comes out so quickly, you may wonder if they are psychic, but service is always friendly, and efficient. With prices for dinner for two under $30, this is the place for an inexpensive foray into Cuba without paying for airfare.

Empanada’s Place offers food from Argentina, namely empanada’s. For those who have never had an empanada, think of a South American version of an Italian calzone or a Russian piroshki. It’s basically a folded turnover filled with various meat or vegetable fillings. My favorites are the chicken and the spinach, which also come in cocktail sizes so you can order them to go and serve them at your next party (good at room temperature, but better heated in your oven for a few minutes). They also offer a few other choices, like sandwiches and tamales, but this place is called empanada’s place for a reason, so listen to reason and order at least one empanada.

Diversify and try Cuban or Argentinian food, even if you must go salsa dancing afterwards to work off what you just ate, it will be worth it.