>I have almost always had bad experiences in Mexico. On my first trip, there was a hurricane. On my second trip, I was bitten from head to toe. On my last trip down there, I had to be flown back after contracting malaria. I figured there are enough places in the world to go that I did not have to return to Mexico.

But my friend Pel has been going to Mexico for dental work for years, taking her mother and grandmother to get dentures and crowns. When she got her husband to try it, he liked it so much that he went and got veneers. I needed a root canal and gold crown. Even though Pel suggested going to Mexico for dental work, I was unconvinced. But then I found out that the work would cost $1600 here in the US and take two weeks of visits.

So figuring I had nothing to lose, but maybe several hundred dollars to gain, I called and I checked into the clinic my friend recommended, the new offices on Ave Revolucion #1673 of Washington Dental in Tijuana (make sure you go to the new office not the old one). They were very professional, spoke perfect English, take some US insurance, and they had THE cleanest dental practice I have ever seen. Their waiting area has free cold drinks, current movies on a big screen TV in English to occupy waiting family/friends, and San Diego newspapers. I got everything done for HALF the US price in two days instead of two weeks. The lab which makes the crowns was down the street so I did not have to wait for shipping time. Even the antibiotics I needed after the root canal were sold for 30% less than in the US at the pharmacy across the street from the clinic. Everything was easy, from my first inquiry call to the moment I stepped inside the clinic. All the people were very personable and kind, but best of all, the work was fantastic. I did not even have to take pain killers after the root canal! They even reimburse you for a taxi from the border and have a special lot on the US side if you want to drive and walk across the border.

I stayed two exits from the border at the Americana Best Western. They offer a special clinic rate and include a free shuttle directly to many doctors and clinics across the border directly from the hotel and back. The only drawback to taking the shuttle is the wait coming back at the border if the shuttle gets behind a big tour bus. The first day we breezed through in 15 minutes, the next day it took 2 hours. The other passengers in the van had all gone to Mexico for alternative treatments for cancer because apparently Tijuana is the new mecca for medical work. Many places operate under new NAFTA regulations that make their standards on par with the ones in the US and many take US insurance.

I guess I’ll be returning to Mexico now with a smile.